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Indications for use of Zoloft

Depression (including accompanied by a sense of anxiety) in the presence or absence of mania in the anamnesis. OCD in adults and children.

Panic disorders, accompanied or not accompanied by agoraphobia. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Social phobia (social anxiety disorder).

With a satisfactory result of treatment, continuation of sertraline therapy is an effective means of preventing recurrence of the initial episode of depression and its development in the future; Relapse of the initial episode of ROC; Panic disorder, the initial episode of PTSD, social phobia.

Application of Zoloft

Inside 1 time per day in the morning or evening, regardless of food intake. Start treatment With depression and OCD: treatment should begin with a dose of 50 mg / day.

Panic disorder, PTSD and social phobia: begin with a dose of 25 mg / day, after 1 week, the dose of the drug is increased to 50 mg / day. This dose regimen reduces the incidence of side effects at the initial stage of treatment of panic disorders.

Dose titration Depression, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD: if the effect of applying a dose of 50 mg is insufficient, the dose can be increased. Correction of the dose should be started no earlier than 1 week of treatment, a titration dose of 50 mg per week.

The dose should not exceed 200 mg / day. Correction of the dose should be carried out not more than once a week, taking into account the half-life of sertraline, which is 24 hours.

The first manifestations of clinical effect are observed during 7 days of treatment. However, for its full development, a longer period is required, especially with ROC.

Maintenance dose With long-term treatment, the dose should be minimally effective; In the future, it is corrected depending on the response to treatment (therapeutic effect).

Use in children Safety and effectiveness of sertraline are established for children and adolescents with OCD at the age of 13-18. The experience with sertraline in children under the age of 6 years, as well as with other pathologies, is absent. When sertraline is used in children with OCD (age 13-18 years), a dose of 50 mg / day should be used.

If there is no effect when taking the drug at a dose of 50 mg / day, if necessary, it is possible to further increase it to 200 mg / day. In clinical trials in children aged 13 to 18 years with depression or OCD, the pharmacokinetic characteristics of sertraline were similar to those of adults.

However, in pediatrics, a 50 mg dose increase should take into account a lower body weight in children than in adults. Titration of the dose in children The half-life of sertraline is about one day. Do not adjust the dose more than once a week.

Application in elderly people In elderly people (over 65 years) the drug is used in the same doses as in younger people (up to 65 years). Side effects and their frequency were the same as in younger patients.

Use in patients with hepatic impairment

In patients with liver disease, sertraline is used with caution. In patients with hepatic insufficiency, the dose or the frequency of administration should be reduced.

Application in patients with renal insufficiencySertraline is extensively metabolized in the body, so a small amount of the drug is excreted in the unchanged state with urine.

Due to the slight renal excretion of sertraline, there is no need to change the dose of the latter in patients with renal insufficiency.

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