Exposure Of EMF And Pregnancy Or During Pregnancy

What is EMF

The electromagnetic fields can be divided into two parts, electric and magnetic. It is a combination of magnetic force and invisible electric power. The most common examples of electromagnetic fields are mobile phones, computers, laptops, or any other device that includes electrical wiring. This electromagnetic field has a high range radiation frequency to a low range frequency of radiation. It works on different devices with different frequency ranges. But an individual should know whether high frequency or low frequency, it causes many diseases and disorders. Not only physical problems but it includes mental illness as well. But the most harm it can cause is during pregnancy time.

How Can EMF Harm In Pregnancy?

The emf and pregnancy are interlinked. Not only some common researchers but WHO has themselves concluded that the EMF does not harm the pregnant woman, but it also harms the embryo in the mother’s womb. The electromagnetic field waves can reach up to the cells of a human body and an embryo inside a mother’s womb is dependent on the mother. This EMF increases the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Or if the infant is born then it can cause them impaired growth, deformities, abnormal brain function, mental disability of child and cancer. And the mother can adopt nausea, mental illness, chronic headache, weakness etc. The report says, thatone among the four pregnant women in the US adoptsabortion due to their weak health. Not only in an urban area but a rural area, they have made towers that havea much higher frequency.