Depression and Anxiety. How to treat it and How to get out of depression?

Depression and Anxiety. How to treat it and How to get out of depression?

Depression Causes

This emotional disorder is a consequence of the excessive impact of stress on the human psyche. Conflicts in personal life or at work, an intense work schedule in which there is no place for rest, days off, negative changes in life can lead to the development of emotional disorder.Some people, in the measure of personality characteristics, are predisposed to the development of anxious depression - these are people suffering from psychasthenia.

Depression Symptoms

Anxiety in this disorder can manifest itself in different ways:

- a feeling of inner tension, uncertain anxiety, the patients themselves describe this sensation as "something should happen", "the feeling of trouble hovered in the air";

- it can be felt sick and on the physical level - there is an internal trembling, trembling, palpitation, increased sweating without any objective reason;

- sometimes it affects some specific events of the future (for example, marriage, divorce, change of work), while the person is pathologically afraid of this event, the changes connected with it, unforeseen events;

- a sense of anxiety can extend to the events that have already occurred, while the person begins to doubt the correctness of the acts committed, reproach, torture himself;

- doubts about the correctness of taking even the simplest decisions, and the process of choice becomes a painful test for the patient, it seems to him that whatever decision he makes, it will still lead to fatal consequences.

The main symptoms of anxious depression:

- alertness, a tendency to excessive fears;

- expectation of the worst;

- difficulties in making a decision;

- low self-esteem;

- increased tearfulness;

- a feeling of inner tension, anxiety;

- problems with sleeping - difficulties with falling asleep, frequent awakenings, superficial sleep, lack of a sense of recovery, rest after sleep).

Emotional frustration can be manifested by outbreaks of anxiety, during which the patient begins to intensively worry about some events of the past or the future, there may appear a painful premonition of trouble, about which the patient usually shares with close people, can discourage them from doing some deeds."I have a premonition that this will not lead to good, that an irreparable disaster can occur, so I ask you not to do this ..." - so most often they explain their requests.

I do not deny that some people, for barely perceptible, inconspicuous little things, can determine that some actions, changes will not succeed, and in this case they speak of a premonition. But with an alarming depression, all forebodings, worries, feelings of trouble are just manifestations of the emotional disorder that needs to be treated.From this article you will learn how to get out of depression yourself.

Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Treatment of mental illness should be comprehensive. It is necessary to try to eliminate the main cause, which provoked the appearance of this disorder.

The main drugs prescribed for the treatment of anxious depression are antidepressants (fluvoxamine, Zoloft (Sertraline), paroxetine are preferred) and tranquilizers (lorazepam, clonazepam). The latter are applied only briefly to avoid the emergence of addiction to them.

Medication should be combined with psychotherapy. The sessions of psychotherapy will help to correct the negative thinking of the patient, change the worldview, dissuade him that all changes, events carry a danger.

How to get out of the depression yourself: 9 steps

How to get out of depression yourself? Can I do without taking medication? In this article I want to offer you simple, but at the same time effective steps to overcome depression.

Step 1. Proper nutrition

To feel good, have a great mood, you need to eat right.

With depression, you need to learn how to combine products that you want to eat, and foods that contribute to a good mood.

Vegetable food is much better absorbed than animal. After its use in the body is much less toxic substances than when you are fond of meat. Fast food products such as all kinds of hot dogs, big maki, grilled chicken are a real poison for our body. But, what to do, if you want something so tasty, but absolutely unhelpful? Of course, to eat (well, how can you deny yourself, if you are already suffering from depression?), but not much.

And what is useful for depression?

Now we briefly list the products that improve the mood:

- vegetables and fruits that have a bright color (bananas, oranges, persimmons, sweet peppers, carrots, lemons);

- nuts;

- Fatty varieties of sea fish (salmon, mackerel, cod, trout);

- Hard cheese;

- Sea kale;

- and, of course, everyone's favorite chocolate, only to abuse it is not worth it, because "blurred" against the background of often spoiling yourself with chocolate, a figure can again provoke the appearance of depression.

Step 2. A full-fledged dream is one of the ways to self-emerge from depression

During depression, many people have problems with sleep: there may be difficulties with falling asleep, frequent awakenings (from the slightest rustle, ticking of the clock), early awakening (woke up at 3 am and lie till morning, but you can not fall asleep).

In order for your brain to recover normally, to process the information received, it is necessary to give at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

If there are problems with sleep, you need to make every effort to get rid of them. To drink alcohol for a good sleep is strictly not recommended, sleeping pills - only in extreme cases. Try to do with "improvised" means.

How do we normalize sleep and get out of depression?

- It is necessary to try to go to bed at a certain time, and not so that today lay down at 21, tomorrow at 2 o'clock in the morning, and the day after tomorrow at half-time 5. The habit is one of our best assistants, an ally of full sleep.

- Try to go to bed no later than midnight (and preferably in hours 21-22), sleep at this time has the best recovery ability for the brain and for the body as a whole. It will not be superfluous and early recovery - this way of life is considered the most natural for the body.

- If you have problems with falling asleep, try to create the optimal conditions for sleep: take a warm bath before going to bed, ask someone from loved ones to give you a relaxing massage, drink a mug of warm milk with honey, thoroughly ventilate the sleeping room.

- Try not to look before bedtime all sorts of thrillers, horror movies and other films that carry negative emotions to avoid nightmares in a dream. Avoid overeating before going to bed: a tight dinner and a good sleep are practically enemies.

Step 3. Physical activity contributes to the emergence of depression

Modern man spends too little energy. Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers who lived near the earth did not know what depression was. To say that their lives were devoid of stress and unrest? Hardly. The wars alone were worth it, and the crop failure, hunger, thoughts on how to feed the children (in most families, by the way, it was not 1-2, but much more), then the child care benefits were not paid.

The way of life of our great-grandparents was seriously different from ours - they worked mostly in the garden, in the courtyard, they moved on foot or on a cart. To prepare food, wash, clean, water had to be brought from a well or from a river.

Let us now compare our lives. On foot we practically do not go, we move by means of public transport or auto. Most of today's professions can be attributed to mental labor, but not physical. At home we are not too physically reworked: the whole range of amenities + modern household appliances that simplifies our life. To say that we are not tired, it is impossible, but this is emotional fatigue, not physical.

The conclusion is one: it is necessary to allocate time for physical exertion every day or at least several times a week. This will help to get out of depression.

You can visit the gym, go for morning (evening) jogging, go for a walk in nature, join the work on the garden. Instead of approaching a couple of stops in the trolleybus (bus, minibus, metro), walk.

Any physical activity in the open air helps enrich the body with oxygen, improve metabolism, so try not just to move more, but also to be outdoors.

In general, sit less, but move more.

Step 4. Find the cause of depression and overcome it

In most cases, depression does not occur from scratch. There are, of course, cases where the main cause of depression lies in the person himself, rather than due to some external problems, conflicts, then it is a question of endogenous depression. But more often depression is the response of the psyche to some negative but important events for us, such as dismissal, illness or death of a loved one, divorce, war, loss of housing.

Pull the problem out.

To get out yourself from depression, you need to understand the causes that cause it, and try to get rid of them.Do not try to seem strong, drive the problem deeply-deep. She will not go anywhere, she will certainly find a loophole and make herself felt under the guise of psychosomatic disorder or reactive depression. Many of these problems (causes of depression) poison our bodies from the inside. Until you reconsider your view of them, do not realize, do not live them, they will eat you from the inside.

Cry out, talk, write on paper what you can not say. And then, after a few days, when you can, look at the situation from the other side. Maybe not all is lost? Life continues. Your own life.

Yes, we are all mortal, yes, not everything is subject to us. But there are so many good things in life!

We have survived the divorce - there is hope for the next, more successful relationship.

Someone from relatives got sick - do not give up, look for opportunities for treatment. And if the disease is fatal, then enjoy every day, every moment spent with this person.

Minor problems can also cause depression

It is always hard to accept great problems, to survive, but sometimes it can lead to depression that can cause small problems that, like leeches, draw good emotions out of us, leaving behind a bad mood and fatigue.Problems with colleagues? Try to speak frankly. And if it does not help, try not to pay attention to them. You are not a dollar bill to please everyone.

Do not trust your husband or wife? Are you afraid that he or she is cheating on you? It seems that there are no serious reasons for unrest, but still... Then take care of yourself, your appearance, wardrobe, prepare something delicious, surprise your husband in bed. Such actions will significantly strengthen your family than if you would eat yourself (and your husband) with suspicions, especially if they are groundless.

Step 5. How to get out of the depression yourself? Think positively!

We talked about how to get out of depression on our own, now let's talk about how not to drive yourself into depression.

Thoughts are material, with this, I think, you will not argue. Therefore, if you want good things to happen around you, then you try to behave accordingly.

Yes, with depression the whole world is perceived in gray tones, it seems that everything is not right, and there is no prospect in the future. But try to do good, think of others and yourself only positively, to see in others only good.

Smile to people, even through strength, help than you can. Look for only good features - and people will turn to you with their "best" parties, and you will feel much better.

If someone from your environment is completely overwhelmed by the negative, and you can not "pick" a key to him, after communicating with him, you always have an unpleasant residue on your mind, then try to reduce communication with such a person to zero. It's easier than finding ways to get out of depression.

Why do you need an extra negative?

Step 6. Take time for a hobby

In order to recharge with positive energy, you need to do not only what you need, but what you want, like. We spent the whole day behind the report, verified every figure, searched for a mistake, bake a cake at home (if, of course, your hobby is cooking).

Hobbies - this is an opportunity to switch, relax, relax your soul, feel that something is working out for you.

When depression is not enough just positive emotions, here and try to "pick" them from what you enjoy, from your favorite occupation. This recipe helps to "recharge" positive emotions, even with cyclothymia.

Step 7. Pamper yourself

Positive emotions can arise not only from nowhere, you yourself can bring them into your life. And at the same time it will be another way to get out of the depression yourself. What do we have to do? Pamper yourself.

For women, one of the most pleasant antidepressants is shopping. Shopping, looking at clothes, shoes, jewelry, fitting, shopping. For men, I think shopping is also applicable. Let not the knick-knacks, so cute for the ladies, but something related to the hobby (for the fisherman - go to the tackle shop, for the hunter - the weapon store, for the man who likes to make something, build - the acquisition of tools and the like).

Not only purchases recharge us with positive energy, they give a good mood. In life there is so much everything pleasant, interesting, than you can pamper yourself. And the question is not even about money (and not in their number), but in the desire to somehow diversify their lives. You can go to the theater, cinema, circus, dolphinarium, zoo, in a cafe, restaurant. Have already forgotten what it is? Then it's not surprising that you are interested in how to get out of depression...

Step 8. Start to Travel

Traveling is one of the easiest ways to relax, rest and at the same time recharge energy. New people, new places, a different life. It is not necessary to fly through the half-continent, you can find a superb place with beautiful nature and for 30-50 kilometers from your locality.Long wanted to visit Paris, Prague, Canada, Dubai? So why postpone? Life is so short! Forward to the new horizons!

Step 9. How do you get out of the depression yourself? Appreciate what you have, learn to enjoy every moment of life!

And the latest and most difficult step that must be taken to overcome depression is to learn to appreciate life, every moment of it.

We very often think about the future, we live in hopes or, on the contrary, we remember how it was good 5, 10 years ago (in the childhood, in student's years). But life goes by.

One must learn to experience every day as if it is the last in life, to appreciate close people, momentary pleasures and not to dwell on problems, failures.

Look, how many beautiful things surround you in life, what good people are next to, throw out of your head small problems, difficulties, and enjoy the present day. And this will definitely help you get out of depression!