Buy Elavil (Amitriptyline) 75/50/25/10 mg for treating depression, chronic pain, migraine headaches and multiple sclerosis

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Elavil is used for the relief of symptoms of mental depression. It is also used to treat bulimia (an eating disorder), to control chronic pain, to prevent migraine headaches, and to treat a pathological weeping and laughing syndrome associated with multiple sclerosis.

Elavil - why I can not buy without a prescription?

Because the treatment of any antidepressant, including this, should be under the supervision of a doctor and only on his recommendation. You can not take Elavil at will and just go and buy it.


The dosage is selected by a specialist individually (at first a certain dose is prescribed, then it gradually increases, and then, after reaching the effect, it is reduced).

When using Elavil it is necessary to control the pressure, because it can reduce it, therefore, it generally can not be taken at low pressure Can provoke suicidal thoughts (especially in young people).

The drug is old, quite heavy, there are safer modern antidepressants.

These are just some factors, in fact there are many more.

Perhaps the drug Elavil works differently at all, but I think that it should be sold by prescription, and taken with very great care - the body's response can be extremely strong, expressed, especially at the first intake, and even in the minimum dose (small Part of the tablet).

I know people on whom the drug acted quite tolerantly (only slept long after 1 table), and for someone - very strongly, apparently, an individual reaction.

It is better not to take risks, and if you take it under the prescription, then under the supervision of a doctor.

Elavil is a very powerful antidepressant.

And with some diseases treatment with this drug should be carried out permanently, under the supervision of doctors. There is still the danger of a lethal outcome with an overdose, even if it is not very large.

There are orders for leave Elavil, there may be inspectors in the control purchase, pharmacies headaches and fines are not needed.

Elavil with a soothing effect, drowsiness during the working day. Dryness in the mouth. Delayed urination.

Of course, portability is different. The effect as an antidepressant does not develop immediately, in two weeks. If reactive depression, now there are softer drugs. And she will pass.

If something else - the psychiatrist will figure it out.

And since there are few recipes designed according to all the rules, many amitriptyline pharmacies simply do not keep in the assortment.

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